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American Preparedness Center

American Preparedness Center

Yes, we are an actual Brick & Mortar retail store located in Norcross, GA.  Our website is a by product of being in business.  We say this to separate ourselves from 'online' retailers with no store front and take orders via online and call centers.  The American Preparedness Center (APC) is a company built specifically around the needs of preparedness.  We are the real deal, stop by our retail center and view preparedness products, ask questions and find out what we are all about.  It's a different world we live in and we at APC recognize this and have built our business around the basic needs of people needing to be prepared.  We provide products, education, training and professional services as related to preparedness.  A differentiating factor is our business has been built from scratch based upon demands and the needs of customers.  

You will find we are unique and we go much deeper than you think.  Please take the time to cruise around our site and get your arms around who we are and what we do. 

Our staff has in depth experience in the field of preparedness.  Our backgrounds are a mix of disaster recovery responders, current LEO & Military, DoD (Dept of Defense) and others.  That in depth experience and knowledge enables us to give our customers the "peace of mind" in knowing the products and services we deliver are the best in the business.  


The American Preparedness Center (APC) mission is to provide the customer with the highest quality equipment and training available in the market. Our goal is to help people to be self reliant and not have to rely on government assistance in time of emergency. 

Another part of our Mission Statement is our Heart for the Mission field and Disaster relief, giving back to the community and our respective churches. God has blessed every aspect of the American Preparedness Center. APC will continue to support and participate with Church Mission Teams and Disaster relief agencies.


We believe:
Preparedness education is key to being 'have' or a 'have not' in a emergency situation.  APC provides professional training and educational classes.

We believe:
Your neighbors need to be prepared as well.  Don't be the only family prepared, but other family members, friends & neighbors involved and educate them about the need to be prepared.

We believe:
That our country has a few generations gap when it comes to being prepared.  Our grandparents were prepared, remember them having extra food and water in the basement?  Why do people not do that now?

We believe:
In the Declaration of Independence as it was written by the founding fathers 

We believe:
In the Constitution of the United States of America

We believe:
In the Bill of Rights

We believe:
The Bible, as originally given by God, is divinely inspired, infallible, entirely trustworthy, and the supreme authority in all matters of faith and practice.  
There is one God, eternally existent in three persons-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Jesus Christ was fully God, yet fully man, born of a virgin, and lived a sinless life, performing many miracles.

We acknowledge His substitutionary death, resurrection, ascension, and individual mediation for us, and eagerly await His personal return in power and glory.

Man is sinful and separated from God, and a reunion, called salvation, is possible only by faith in Jesus Christ, apart from works, through the regeneration of the Holy Spirit.  
The Holy Spirit indwells the believer and enables us to live a holy life and to witness and work for the Lord Jesus Christ.

All true believers are united by the Holy Spirit as the church, the Body of Christ. 
Everyone will be resurrected-the saved to everlasting life, the unsaved to everlasting torment.

We believe:
In the People of AMERICA and you can't get any more AMERICAN than that.

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